Who and What is Mountain Made Media?

My name is Joe Cima, Im a college sudent, former collegiate baseball player and die-hard outdoorsman. I was born and raised in the outdoors; hunting and fishing have been my two passions, along with baseball, since I can remember. Im looking for clients who are interested in having photography work done, or interested in purchasing stock photography. I am also looking for companies who are interested in having photography done, and forming partnerships.
I started Mountain Made Media (M3) to pursue my dreams of becoming part of the outdoors industry, as well as a way to share the images I capture and create with people. M3 is a hunting and outdoor based photography company.
So if you have an inquiry, shoot me a email, and I’ll respond as quickly as possible!Thanks

Joe D Cima


Here we go, 2012 is off and running. This is my first hunt of the year, and the first piece of my attempts at producing a truly quality, solo hunt film.
I believe that bowhunting and luck go hand in hand, but only for those willing to work for their success, that’s what I believe.
Theres too many people to thank, but those who have helped me know who they are; I am very blessed!

Mountain Made Media (M3)’s newest, “Believe”

Check out the feedback, Im very appreciative of the positive feedback, that’s why I do it!



a place to share

although it seems to have taken far too long to dip my toes into the blogging, again…its happened. I have thought long and hard, and decided there if I really want to share my work…then I actually need to share it.
I have a very strong passion for the outdoors, bowhunting, and photography; too many words and images wisp away with each day, in my day…its selfish not to share, I feel.
Here, on my M3 blog, you’ll see updates: from the field, from my life, from the lives of those who surround me…I cant wait to share!Image