they say, whoever “they” are, that success comes when hard work meets opportunity; for me, this directly relates to bowhunting.

I spend nearly all year, from the time season ends until it opens again, shooting my bow; in the woods, its my partner and if I can’t trust it to do its job, I can’t do mine. I select gear that makes me as confident as I can be, so that when an opportunity comes, I am ready. During late summer, I rarely shoot at ranges less than 60 yards; if you’re slammin’ arrows in there at 60, 80 or even 100 yards…it makes shooting 30 yards at an animal that much easier. My ultimate goal is to place a perfect arrow into my quarry…to make the best of each opportunity.

That said, I make some moves this year, to new equipment. I am shooting a Diamond Deadeye, which is quite different from the binary-style cam I was shooting. I shot Spot-Hogg sights for years, but decided to mix it up this year, and go with a Montana Black Gold Ascent with a Vengeance 4-pin head. I made the change in bow, and sight because I felt it was time to explore some of the other quality products out there, and boy have I been satisfied!

Shooting more than 315 feet per second, and being able to have an adjustable 4-pin setup has been absolutely money! So far Im two for two with the new combination, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to shake it up a little bit!


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