I’d a gear guy, I like to know what guys are using; I like to try out as much stuff as I can, to make my selection as to what I hunt with. Here’s what Im running:

Sitka Gear head to toe; in my opinion there is no better camouflage pattern than the Optifades, and there is no gear that is as well constructed as Sitka. They have done what their tagline says, “Turn Clothing Into Bear”. I have been 110% pleased with not only the gear, but the customer service, it’s second to none.

Diamond Archery DeadEye 72 lbs 30″ draw…this is a big change for me; I haven’t shot a single cam bow in 5 years, nothing but fast hybrid cams. This bow is just as fast as the hybrid cams! The draw is a harsh, but that’s not something that bothers me; if Im going into a 340fps+ IBO bow, that’s expected. I also love the hard wall this bow has, for me, that is super important. It is smooth and quiet. Overall, I have been very pleased with it!

Easton AXIS Love em, shot them and the FMJ’s on and off for years. They shoot good, take a beating, and hit with some serious KE.

Cabelas Copperheads 100gr I recently picked these up, $24.99 a pack, compared to $40 for most other 3-packs…and they are unreal. They are sharp, they fly like field points and they cut a HOLE! Ive shot them out to 100 yards and they fly just as good as field points. To see more info check out

Vortex Optics I have used Vortex since 2005 and can say that they are just fantastic. Their glass is quality, and their customer service is fantastic; I’d highly recommend getting a pair and comparing them to a “big name”…you’ll be shocked! Im using the Razor 10×42’s 99% of the time.

Black Gold Ascent Custom with Vengeance 4 pin head
Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter
Stanislawski Shootoff 3 finger
BStinger Stabilizer 10″ 8oz
Fuse Ventera Quiver
Under Armour Chetco Trail Shoes
Sitka Flash 8″ Gaiters
Kelty 4750 Coyote
Cyclops Headlamp
Mossback Widowmaker and Hollaback Elk calls
Canon 60D and GoPro Hero2

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