MONSTER Oregon Blacktail

Mountain Made Media (M3) worked on these pictures for good friend, Tom Powell. He sent us pictures of his GIANT Oregon blacktail, he shot a couple days ago. Tom is a great person, and an amazing representative archery in the central Oregon area. He has shared his knowledge with so many people, and has helped so many kids get into archery. Tom is one of two Certified Level 3 USA Archery coaches in the state of Oregon. He is a very accomplished bowhunter and target archer as well; he’s truly one of this sports great ambassadors. This is his biggest blacktail, scoring 148 3/8″ green. Congrats Tom, you deserve it buddy!


why not

yesterday was one of those evenings where I just wanted to enjoy the cool, fall evening sunset with a little camera work, and of course the pups; I love this time of year!


Mountain Made Media “it’s reel 2012”

I feel so thankful to have the friends and family I do, an amazing wife that is so very supportive, and a bunch of great people who stand behind me. I feel so proud seeing this come together, because this is my passion, this is what I love to do; bowhunting and filming aren’t just things I love to do, they make up who I am.

this, Mountain Made Media (M3)‘s 2012 hunting reel, comes after hours of preparation, tons of time spent afield, and lots of time spent snippin’ and clippin’ editing.


Team M3…here we go!

In the ongoing quest of creating the best imagery I can; I have decided to officially put together a team of core individuals, who are still being assembled, in order to get to the highest level.

First off, I’d like to introduce my good friend, and the newest member of Team M3, Seth Webb.

My name is Seth Webb, I’m a Wildland firefighter and love anything to do with the outdoors. I was born and raised in Central Oregon where hunting and fishing were more than just a hobby or something to pass the time, it was a way of life. My father taught me about the outdoors, the ups and downs of hunting, and how hard work pays off. Hunting creates a chance to escape the world from the everyday grind of life. There is no better feeling for me then to have this escape. Capturing this on camera or film is just as important to me. There is more to hunting for me than just the kill, it is the experience. The reason I bought my first camera was to take pictures while out shed hunting. Little did I know, this would create another lifelong hobby and passion.