Bio for Steph Charette, Team M3

Steph Charette here, coming at ya from beautiful John Day Oregon! I’m a fisheries biologist working on restoration projects that focus on salmon and steelhead in the John Day basin. My career has taken me across the Bering Sea collecting fisheries data on commercial fishing boats, and throughout the South Pacific scuba diving and counting fish in some very remote islands and atolls.
I grew up in Quebec, Canada and moved to the States in 2000 after finishing College. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and just being outside have always been a part of my life. My earliest and fondest memories growing up usually involved a fishing rod or shotgun and hanging with my dad in some camp off the beaten road.
When my wife and I moved from Hawaii to John Day five years ago, my biggest motivating factor was to live in a small town with great access to hunting and fishing and be able to raise our future children in that kind of environment. We now have a 10-month-old girl and hopefully she will share her parent’s love for the outdoors.
I love to hunt elk and mule deer with a bow. I’m not a trophy hunter, but I do pass on smaller animals, that is until I’m faced with the prospect of going 11 months with no wild game in the freezer! I love big horns on the wall, but my family loves elk burgers and venison steaks a whole lot more. I pride myself on being a successful hunter, but I take even more pride in providing meat for my family. If that means I need to kill a spike bull, then so be it! I have no shame in that!
I also have two GSP’s and since moving to Oregon, upland game bird hunting has become a passion of mine after bow hunting is over. I love the sight of seeing my 2 best furry friends on point with a covey of chukar exploding from my feet. The great basin is some amazing country and the views are tough to beat!
Well, I’ve rambled on enough. I’m not the most prolific picture taker, but I’m always good for an honest gear review or talking trash over a campfire. I guess that’s why Joe and Seth hunt with me…..not to mention I’m a way better camp cook then either of them!Image

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