this is a short we filmed over two and a half days…it really portrays a weekend out in the mountains of eastern Oregon, in the spring. Rain or shine, it’s always a trip we look forward to; good times, with good friends in the most beautiful country there is…success doesn’t mean punching tags, it means experiencing the great outdoors to the fullest.



we’ll be turkey hunting this weekend, and we’ll be chasing bears in less than three weeks…

a new year, a new team, a new idea, a new goal; a change is coming…it’s game on!

Bulls on the Fly

this is Mountain Made Media (M3)‘s first fly fishing short…and we feel like its a special one.

We follow central Oregon fly fishing guru, Beau Price, as he chases one of the coolest fish there are to hook with a fly. There is nothing quite like spending time on the beautiful lakes we have in central Oregon…catching bulls on the fly, is just a bonus.

**We are very thankful for all the positive feedback on Mountain Made Media (M3)‘s Bulls on the Fly, so far. Hearing such good things about your hard work makes it all worth it. Thanks again to Beau Price for hookin up with big fish…can’t have a good video without good fish!**