2013 Oregon Spring Bear

Here’s another picture of the eastern Oregon spring bear I was fortunate enough to take. We glassed him up, put the sneak on and I secured him with the ole .338 at 300 yards. He’s not the biggest bear in the world, but I am more than happy with him!

– Steph




Bowtech Archery droppin’ bombs at 150 yards

150 yards…here’s what killer equipment can do! Not encouraging this shot on animals, AT ALL…but, this is how we practice, to make 40 yards a breeze when the time comes in September! Make practice tough, so the hunt is easy!

Bowtech Archery Insanity CPXL 73lbs 30″ draw Spot Hogg Hogg Father 5 pin Bee Stinger Pro Hunter 10″ 8oz Gold Tip Kinetic 300’s Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper Thumb Release