Velvet is Growing

Found this buck yesterday, with two smaller buddies; the velvet sure is blowing up! Love this time of year!


IMG_3580 copy


Updates from the River

We have been hunting lately…hunting browns!

There is a special moment during the early hours of a new day, just as the sun crests over the pines; the only sounds being the singing of a meadowlark, perched overhead, the water flowing gently over fallen logs and the whisper of the fly line gliding back and forth through the cold morning air.


Solid 23″ Brown



24″ Beauty



Spot Hogg Sight Setup

What is your sight setup? How many pins are you running?

My Spot-Hogg Archery Products Hogg Father has five; four .o19’s with the bottom being a .010…which is great when I adjust the sight out past 60 yards. This configuration is going to be the ticket; the ability to pull up and shoot from 20-60 yards, but still be able to adjust housing for further distances and shoot them off the smaller .010 pin.
– Joe