About Team M3

Mountain Made Media is a core group of photographers, and videographers. We live to hunt, and spend all of our free time, in the outdoors.

My name is Joe Cima;  I started Mountain Made Media (M3) to pursue my dreams of becoming part of the outdoors industry. M3 is a hunting and fishing based, production company. I was born and raised in the outdoors; hunting and fishing have been my two passions, along with baseball, since I can remember. The outdoors is my outlet for my creative being, to be set free…to see things in their state, and capture those moments.

Seth Webb – I’m a wildland firefighter and love anything to do with the outdoors. I was born and raised in Central Oregon where hunting and fishing were more than just a hobby or something to pass the time, it was a way of life. My father taught me about the outdoors, the ups and downs of hunting, and how hard work pays off. Hunting creates a chance to escape the world from the everyday grind of life. There is no better feeling for me then to have this escape; capturing this in pictures or film is just as important to me. There is more to hunting for me than just the kill, it is the experience. The reason I bought my first camera was to take pictures while out shed hunting. Little did I know, this would create another lifelong hobby and passion.


4 thoughts on “About Team M3

  1. I “friended” you on FB recently and am amazed at the quality of qork you guys do regarding touch up work on trophy photos. I have 4-5to I would loke to send and gave work done on them. Im curious what your prices are?
    Thankyou for your time
    -Darren Douglas

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