“37” hits the dirt

I was fortunate enough to take “37” on August 27th at 9 yards. I talked to the local biologist, Corey Heath; he informed me that here in central Oregon, the purple tag indicates an animal that has been tagged because of an incident.

On December 10, 2012, 37 and a non-typical buck were locked after fighting and getting their antlers locked with rope in them; the biologist believed that one of the bucks had become tangled then began fighting with the other buck. When the bio arrived, the non-typical buck was dead.
He tranquilized 37, they cut the other buck off his rack, tagged him and aged him between 4.5 and 6.5 years old and then sent him on his way, with a new piece of jewelry. Biologist Heath also said that his face was cut up as well as his hear…you can see how they healed in the photo.
I shot the buck 2-3 miles from where he was tagged, so he wasn’t traveling too far between winter and summer areas.

Pretty cool to know the details on this awesome animal; I truly feel blessed to have harvested 37, to have hundreds of photos of him and now even know what happened to him before I knew he was around. Blessed I am!





after a long absence

well, we’ve lost track of the blog, which we apologize for, but gosh dang…it’s exciting to see all the great updates we have to fill everyone in on! 

Here’s a buck we found this summer, and decided on targeting starting August 24th, the Oregon archery opener…meet “37”





Doing quite a bit of editing work, both photography and video, right now…very pleased with it so far. Heres a couple for Cameron Hanes, the BEAST MODE bowhunter, and champion archer Levi Morgan; as well as a great deer from Tyler Abert and black bear from Jeremy Johnson!


Mountain Made Media (M3)‘s newest, “earned”: I have never had amazingly good luck when it comes to hunting…it seems that one way or another I have to work very hard for every animal that I get a chance to harvest. On the drive to eastern Oregon, I had a conversation, and told her that I feel like I had worked hard enough, and put in my time; I felt like had earned a little good luck.
First morning, a little over an hour into the hunt, 18 yards…I’ll take that, any day.
I feel very fortunate to have such supportive wife-to-be, family, and all my friends.; life is so good, and we are so lucky to be able to do what we do!

screen grabs

Mountain Made Media screen grabs; frozen action

The Opportunists Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming short, “The Opportunists”, by Mountain Made Media (M3). This is going to be a real special one, cant wait to share it with everyone!

3 tags punched in 4 days, public land, Oregon